Supporting the development of new products and services in the Agriculture, Food Drink and Tourism sectors through diversification

Rural Food Tourism Places Project

The Rural Food Tourism Places project supports agricultural businesses as they explore diversification opportunities. The aim of the project is to deliver economic growth, sustainability and resilience by developing new products and services across agricultural, food, drink and tourism sectors.

  • Agricultural diversification – leading to new products and / or services

  • Collaboration – encouraging knowledge sharing and working together

  • Best practice – evolving best practice and innovation in action

From May 2019 to March 2022, a series of events and workshops will take place with cohorts based in Northmavine, Shetland and Uist, Outer Hebrides to work together identifying opportunities and the needs of the groups.


Agriculture is a key industry for the Scottish economy. It includes crofting, farming and other activities taking place on the land.


Food and drink production in Scotland enjoys a high profile and is well known for its high quality products.


With locations across Scotland regularly making the must see lists the world over, it’s easy to see why tourism is so important to the Scottish economy.