Session 3 – Food Delivery and on-Island Distribution

Session 3 took place at Claddachh Kirkibost on 22nd November 2019

Thank you to everyone who came along to the session on the 22nd November. We were joined by Guest Speaker – Roger Whiddon. Roger shared his experiences in setting up and running the Skye Food Link Van. A summary of his talk is here: Skye Food Link Van.

Considerations for a potential Uist Network


  • Electric? Would there be sufficient charging points?
  • Could we engage with organisations that are already doing something similar such as Grillburger?

Produce / Producers:

  • Might work best for fresh produce with short shelf-life (non-perishable might be distributed cheaper by other means)
  • Need critical mass to make it work
  • Potential for larger producers with own vans to work with smaller producers
  • Would it work for a larger number of small producers?
  • Collaborations need to be formalised with payment for services
  • Potential for producers to supply 100% of what they produce to consumers
  • Encourage producers to join food network where the benefit is time versus cost
  • Needs a greater scale of production for vegetables


  • Flexibility? They may not be able to be supplied 100% of everything they need
  • Need surety of supply to offer quantities

Communications, promotions, marketing:

  • The van driver has the relationship with producers and consumers
  • Need to promote and keep it live
  • Build a brand, quantify the benefits

Potential and benefits:

  • Sponsorship opportunities?
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Assistance in getting consistent supply, this needs research
  • Growth potential
  • Opportunity to align local producers to hospitality requirements

Mapping potential Producers and Consumers


  • Baked goods – Macleans Hebridean Bakery, Scandinavian Bakery
  • Cakes – Chrisella’s cakes
  • Coffee – Sky Dancer Coffee Roasters
  • Drink – North Uist Distillery
  • Eggs – Eriskay Shop / Linda Macdonald / Walled Garden
  • Frozen foods – Orasay Inn
  • Jams – Jeanie Jackson / Walled Garden
  • Machair potatoes – Macinnes
  • Meat – Macleans Butchers, Walled Garden
  • Seafood – Kilbride Shellfish, Kallin, Salar Smokehouse
  • Steak – Shona
  • Tablet – Eriskay Shop
  • Venison – Storas Uibhist
  • Vegetables – Cothrom Walled Garden


  • Airport Café
  • Am Politician
  • Bayhead Shop and Post Office
  • Berneray Bistro
  • Borrodale Hotel
  • Burnside
  • Caladh Trust
  • Charlies Bistro
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Co-op Creagarry
  • Co-op Daliburgh
  • Co-op Solas
  • Dark Island Hotel
  • Eriskay Shop
  • Golf Course (Seasonal)
  • Grill Burger
  • Grimsay Community Café
  • Grogarry
  • Hammersay House
  • Hebridean Jewellery Cafe
  • Hebridean Kitchen at the Claddach Kirkibost Centre
  • Isle of Benbecula House Hotel
  • Kallin Café
  • Kilbride Cafe
  • Kildonan
  • Langass Lodge
  • Lochboisdale Hotel
  • Lochmaddy Hotel
  • Lochmaddy Shop
  • Lovats Supermarket (Balivanich)
  • Lovats Supermarket (Carnan)
  • Macleans Hebridean Bakery & Butchers
  • Maclennans
  • Orasay Inn
  • Polochar Inn
  • Stepping Stones Restaurant
  • Taigh Chearsabhagh Cafe
  • Taigh Sgire Sholais
  • Temple View Hotel
  • The Dunes Van
  • Uist Sea Tours

Next steps

Event to take place in February 2020 bringing together producers and consumers to consider the options and set up of the service in 2020.