Diversification is the introduction of new enterprise alongside existing activities.

Reasons to diversify

  • Proven – estimated around 40% of agricultural business in Scotland have already diversified

  • Income generation – Opportunities to increase income improving the sustainability of agricultural businesses

  • Future proofing – A diversified business is more likely to ride out industry specific peaks and troughs

Opportunities to diversify can also bring with them new areas of expertise that is required such as planning, legal, health and safety along with navigating the opportunities for funding or grant support.


Collaboration is defined where 2 or more businesses or organisations work together so that the arrangement benefits all.

  • Skills – bringing together different skill sets and experience

  • Financial or economic – The opportunity to share costs across businesses or organisations results in improved financial performance.

  • Teamwork – Sharing the load reducing the pressure on the outputs from a lone enterprise.

Exploring collaboration in a facilitated environment provides opportunities for individuals to work through how a collaborative venture may operate in practice.

Events and Facilitation

Starting in May 2019 and continuing to 2022, events and sessions to support the businesses, crofts and organisations involved in Rural Food Tourism are taking place.

In response to the feedback and needs of the cohorts in their unique geographic locations, specialists can provide advice and guidance to support collaborative activities.

The schedule of events taking place are listed in the ‘What’s On’ section of this website.

What’s On